Featuring Chris Robinson, Amy Leith, Kim Bradley, Tamara Taylor, Liz Zale, and Eric Winick
Recorded:  June 2005, Middlebury, VT
Music:  Yann Tiersen

A before and after story.  Tensions are running high on the occasion of the author's 15th college reunion. And as he learns, sometimes old habits are hard to break.


Another one that was never broadcast, but it remains one of my favorite pieces, if only because it captures my anxiety about this particular event, and then, afterward, the exhaustion of everyone involved.  This was from the time when I felt I had to haul my recording equipment everywhere I went, lest something completely unexpected and wacky happen.  Nothing of the sort transpired over this long weekend, but then, I couldn't stay awake long enough to experience it.  Truly a depressing experience all around.