Featuring P.J. Escobio, Tom Foley, Jeff Golick, Jason Kravits, Jeremy J. Lee, and David Markus
Recorded: September 2009, New York, NY
Music: Luiz Bonfá
Music Coordination: Jeff Golick

In Fall 2009 as my wife entered the late stage of pregnancy I asked several friends who are recent or long-time dads for advice on becoming a father myself. I interviewed all six over the phone, requesting two pieces of advice, one for first time dads in general and one for me specifically. I'd worked out a precise timeline for transcription, editing, and publication of the piece. But things didn't happen according to schedule. Photo by Leda Ward.

Broadcast June 2016 on KZYX (Mendocino County, CA) and WTJU (Charlottesville, VA); June 2015 on (Portland, OR); and June 20, 2010 on KUT-FM's "O'Dark 30" (Austin, TX).

P.J. Escobio is an actor and producer who lives in Frankfort, Germany with his wife and daughter. Tom Foley is a filmmaker who lives in Marblehead, MA with his wife and two sons. Jeff Golick is pro-Brooklyn, pro-jazz, pro-friends, and anti-oxidant. Jeremy J. Lee is an Assistant tProfessor of Sound Design at University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Lucas made his Broadway debut about a month before he took his first breath. Jason Kravits is an actor/writer/director, and especially father, living in NYC. In addition to David Markus’ work as a model for Conde Naste Traveler and the New York Times, he is a hedge fund manager, husband and father of two pretty wonderful kids, Nicholas and Nora.