Damsel, Distressed

Story by: Annie Lalla
Recorded: April 2008, New York, NY
Music: Preservation Hall Jazz Band

A painting mishap tests the limits of one young writer’s sanity when, newly-relocated to NYC, she becomes locked in her bathroom, with a tiny, 1′ x 1′ window her only means of communication with the outside world.

Broadcast September 12, 2010 on KUT-FM's "O'Dark 30" (Austin); July 22, 2009 on "KUOW Presents" on KUOW-FM (Seattle); July 5, 2008 on “Sidetrack” on WILL-AM (Urbana, IL).

Annie Lalla has spent her life studying the labyrinthine world of emotions -- mapping the complexities of communication & subtleties of relationships.  A philosopher, speaker and a thought leader, Annie is known as the “Cartographer of Love."  With an Honors Science Degree, major in Human Biology & Philosophy (minor in Buddhism), her studies include integrative psychology, evolutionary science, neurochemistry, therapeutic sexuality & systems dynamics. Alongside explorations in mystic poetry, classic literature; metaphoric narrative are professional certifications in NLP, Coaching; and Hypnosis. All these realms converge in her unique Relationship Coaching practice. There, she helps individuals attract, create and foster extraordinary connections that maximize freedom and minimize shame.

Read more about Annie here.  A prose version of this story can be found here.