Double whammy

Story by: Melissa Menta
Recorded: May 2014, New York, NY
Music: Josh Woodward

One afternoon in August 2012, one of Melissa Menta's worst nightmares was realized when she suffered a brain aneurysm. What followed was a period of slow, occasionally agonizing recovery. Then, just as she was bouncing back, the real trouble started.

Warning:  this story contains profanity.  A "bleeped" version can be heard by clicking the PRX logo below the audio player.

Melissa Menta is a blogger, yogi, brain aneurysm survivor and publicist to the world's most famous beagle. She resides comfortably in Alphabet City, New York and enjoys her great friends, orange cats, wine, and awesome apartment.

You can read Melissa's blog HERE.

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