From stoop to store:  a Brooklyn success tale

Featuring Meghan Ritchie, Paul Jones, and Kari Browne 
Recorded:  September 2013 - April 2014, Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY
Music:  Django Reinhardt

There's a lot at stake for new food startups, but in Brooklyn, NY, the climate has become unmistakably hospitable.  After baking treats for a friendly brunch, then selling some on her stoop, one entrepreneur takes her homemade dessert item to the next level.  The results are beyond anything she expected.

You can read more about Megpies at their website or order some right now here.  Visit Lark Cafe at 1007 Church Avenue on the border of Ditmas Park and Kensington, or online here.  And be sure to visit other vendors mentioned in this story:  Anarchy in a Jar, Mast Brothers Chocolate, Kings County Jerky, and Whole Foods (Brooklyn).

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