Featuring Al Holtz, Jack May, and Walter E. Zullig, Jr,
Recorded:  May-September 2011, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Ossining, NY
Original Music:  Jay Kustka

Broadcast May 2014 on WNIJ, DeKalb, IL; and October 2014 on KXRY, Portland OR.

Since October 1962, a small group of dedicated rail enthusiasts have been sending each other letters, photos, and reports about their common passion.  Over time, what began as a means of sharing information has become the lifeline for a lifetime friendship.  And it shows no sign of slowing down.

Al Holtz and Walter E. Zullig, Jr., July 2012.

Al Holtz and Walter E. Zullig, Jr., July 2012.

Jay Kustka is a Boston guitarist and singer/songwriter with 30+ years experience. A recent semi-finalist of Lee Ritenour’s Six-String Theory contest, his playing styles range from roots rock/blues to funk, reggae and beyond.  Check out his music at the links below:


Special thanks to Adam Greenfield, Melinda Mogel, and Lisa Zullig