Rip This Band Off



Featuring Bradley Ellis, Jeff Golick, Victoria Harmer, Kira Petersons, Dahlia Gallin Ramirez, and Bill Rousseau
Recorded:  January 2010, New York, NY
Music:  The Monolith; Billy & Dolly

What's an unknown band to do after pouring blood, sweat, tears, and its own money into making the most awesome record ever?  The answer:  give it all away.  Outraged, one dedicated follower takes it upon himself to spread the word, one fan at a time.  

Featured on, San Francisco, April 27, 2010.  Broadcast May 3, 2010 on KUT-FM's "O'Dark 30" (Austin, TX).

Visit Billy & Dolly's website here. Brad Ellis is a Brooklyn-based DJ and dancer. Jeff Golick is the former co-author of destination: Out, an MP-free music blog. A former employee of Arista Records and BMG, Victoria Harmer works in the hotel business in New York City. Kira Petersons is a San Francisco-based writer and editor. Thanks to Stephen Grant. Photo by Gabriela Hasbun.