Seating Mr. Pacino

Story by: John Morogiello
Recorded: February 2009, New York, NY
Music: Marc Ribot
Music Coordination: Jeff Golick

Broadcast February 8, 2010 on KUT-FM's "O'Dark 30" (Austin, TX). Chosen by PRX as a January 2010 "News Station Pick of the Month."

It's only his second week on the job as house manager at a major American regional theater, and an icon of the modern cinema is paying a visit. That's when the embarrassing incident occurs, one which the house manager must clean up -- quickly, quietly, and literally -- putting every one of his newfound skills to the test.

John Morogiello is a Playwright in Residence at the Maryland State Arts Council and a member of the Dramatists Guild.  His plays have been produced at theaters in New York, North America, and Europe.  He is a regular contributor to Flagpole Radio Cafe.  His articles have been published in American Theatre, Dramatics, Washington Independent Review of Books, and in study guides for Long Wharf Theatre, Huntington Theatre Co., and Everyman Theatre.  Read more about John here.


John first told me this story when we were working on a play together in DC.  I recall laughing extremely hard at the "punchline," delivered with as much irony as John could muster.  I never forgot it, and sought him out specifically so we could record it for Yarn.