The Bakers of Butter Lane

Featuring Maria Baugh, Linda Lea, and Pamela Nelson
Recorded: February 2009, New York, NY
Music: Django Reinhardt; Pink Martini

Is there such thing as a recession-proof product in a downward-sliding economy? Three vets of the corporate world are banking on the cupcake as today's luxury item of choice, and that the secret to building a better confection lies somewhere between traditional Southern baking and the stylish sophistication all New Yorkers secretly crave.

Featured by PRX as a News Station Pick for April 2009. Broadcast April 4, 2009 on WILL-AM's "Sidetrack" (Urbana, IL) and March 19, 2009 on WAMC-FM's "Midday Magazine" (Great Barrington, MA).

Butter Lane is located at 123 East 7th Street in Manhattan and at 240 7th Avenue in Brooklyn. You can read more about the bakery at