The Best Worst Day Ever

Story by:  Bradley Teal Ellis
Recorded:  August 2010, New York, NY
Music:  Ryan Rumery; with help from Radiohead, The Commodores, and R.E.M. 

An unfortunate car accident on the way to a Radiohead concert at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia sets the scene for a life-changing encounter at a Waffle House outside of Athens.

Broadcast January 3, 2011 on KUT-FM's "O'Dark 30" (Austin, TX).

Bradley Teal Ellis is a Brooklyn, NY-based dance artist and improviser.  Ryan Rumery is a Brooklyn-based musician and composer.  Note:  this story assumes some familiarity with two public figures:  Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead, and Michael Stipe, lead singer of R.E.M.

Thanks to Bradford Louryk and Emily Kent.