The Bittersweetness of God's Love:
A documentary in three parts.

Featuring: Chuck Piekarski
Recorded:  April 2013, New York, NY

Chuck Piekarski, Baker at God's Love We Deliver in New York, came to his job after experiencing a personal tragedy -- and now he's giving back.  (2:50) 

Featuring:  Lisa Zullig and the Nutrition Dept of God's Love We Deliver 
Recorded:  April 2013, New York, NY

Lisa Zullig and her team of dietitians at God's Love We Deliver provide nutritional assistance to a diverse clientele around the metro-New York City area.  (3:00)

Featuring:  Karen Pearl and Hassan Mazyan, Jr.
Recorded:  April 2013, New York, NY

In which Karen Pearl, President and CEO of God's Love We Deliver, explains the mission of the organization, and Hassan Mazyan Jr., a client, describes its impact on his life.  (2:59)

Thanks to Emmett Findley and everyone at GLWD.

To view photos of God's Love We Deliver and the individuals in this series, click HERE.  To read more about God's Love We Deliver, click HERE.

These pieces were produced as entries in the Third Coast International Audio Festival's 2013 ShortDocs Competition.