Founded in 2008, Yarn AudioWorks is an audio production company based in Brooklyn, NY that specializes in surprising, sometimes shocking first-person stories, documentaries, and assorted odds and ends.

We are also available for recording, production, and editing services.  Please contact us for rates and/or a quote.

Many stories on this site may be licensed for broadcast through PRX, the Public Radio Exchange.  Look for this symbol, which will link you to the piece on PRX:


Pieces are grouped into three categories:  The Strand Series, Weave Works, and Stranded in Brooklyn. 

Stranded in Brooklyn is a podcast about the Boston Red Sox, which I started as a fun project with my son Rhys in July 2019.

The Strand Series consists of first person narratives.  In each, the narrator has experienced a transformation of some kind, large or small, which is detailed over the course of the piece.  Each story is mixed with music, and may contain one or more follow-up questions from the producer.

Weave Works are, more or less, straightforward documentaries.